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Facebook Friday: Tips for Editors and Reporters

Facebook changes The FB world changed this week for you and your readers. The changes are a challenge and an opportunity. The challenge is to fully understand how to use the extended tool set to serve your community. The immediate opportunity is to be the trusted guide for your readers as they work to understand the changes.

Here are a few tips on some of the new features and on some tried and true tactics for encouraging reader interaction on your page. Short url's include to ease sharing.

Reassurance One of the best comments I saw was not from a media brand, but from a solar power company that I follow because our son Carter works there: @StionSolar tweeted this note about FB:

Facebook has changed it up again, but don't worry the Stion Solar facebook page is still there- check it out http://on.fb.me/nqg8eG

Have you sent a similarly reassuring message to your readers?

How are we doing? A good prompt is a simple prompt: What can we do better to help you? See this from The Daily Pelham: http://on.fb.me/qxriOT Put it on a schedule that works for you — once a week, once a month — and keep asking. When readers know the door is open, they will enter the room and join the conversation.

Music, Timeline, More Mashable, the social media news site, posted this guide on Thursday: Facebook Changes Again: Everything You Need To Know http://on.mash.to/pZdBOr

Facebook Poll Do you readers like the changes or hate them? Facebook's journalism program manager posted his own poll: http://on.fb.me/qyFiTL Pay tribute to Vadim and run a poll on your Facebook page.

Sports results 46 likes on a Saturday night? Upbeat or downcast, sports news rings reader bells. From the Morning Call, a FB prompt that drew immediate response: The Phillies have captured their fifth straight NL East title with 9-2 win over the St. Louis Cardinals. More soon at mcall.com!  http://on.fb.me/rf9alL

History prompt Do you know an interesting tip about Wilton's past?  http://on.fb.me/rpR3uS

Local dining We want your pizza stories and memories http://on.fb.me/paFvEC

Subscribe? Will my fans still "like" me? A quick guide to what it means to subscribe to a Facebook feed, along with a list of people and blogs providing strong news coverage through their Facebook feeds: Want to keep up… http://on.fb.me/ptnqqI

You can compile lists of people you follow, grouped in various categories. Facebook explains: Creating a Subscriptions List  http://on.fb.me/obdFGj

Beyond FB: Jobs Many newsrooms are smaller. Many media company tech shops are growing. To build a career you should know the basics of journalism — verification, accuracy, clarity. To build a brand, more media executives realize you also need developers. See these postings: News Developer Jobs – Google Docs http://bit.ly/qdG7w5

Is your company building these teams? How can you make sure your brand isn't left behind?



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