My News: Joining a Great Team at

I am excited to be joining Meredith Artley, the managing editor of, just sent this note to the staff:

Everyone, please join me in welcoming Carl Lavin to the team as our Lead Homepage Editor. He will guide the talented group that sculpts one of the most powerful pages on the web.

Check out Carl’s background – he was most recently the national managing editor for Main Street Connect, a network of local sites, where he was point for quality, innovation and editorial guidelines for more than 50 news sites in three states. But wait – there’s more – he was the managing editor of where he drove mad traffic, shaped their social media strategy, and led a team that wrote headlines and stories with voice out the wazoo. Before that he was the deputy managing editor for news at the Philly Inquirer. And he spent some time at The New York Times in a variety of leadership posts, including Washington news editor during the Clinton impeachment and 9/11, graphics editor and deputy metro editor.

He has a reputation for being an inspiring leader who people love to work for and with, an audience-focused editor and an excellent communicator with sterling and swift news judgment.

Carl and his wife, Lauren, are in the process of moving from his home in Montclair, NJ to Atlanta. He starts at the end of the month.

Many thanks to Meredith and everyone else at CNN who helped make this happen. There is already a post on cheesesteak to help a former Philly guy feel at home in Atlanta. Other tips? Add a comment here.


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12 responses to “My News: Joining a Great Team at

  1. CNN! You are fortunate to have both Carl Lavin and his wife Lauren in Atlanta!
    I’ve missed them since they left the DC area and that was several years ago. They’re the best on every level!!

  2. Congratulations!!!

    We look forward to hearing and reading about your work there but very sad to loose you as neighbors.

  3. Abby kane

    Congratulations! We’ll miss you.

  4. Steve Shay

    Congratulations Carl!

  5. Laura Wold

    Congrats, Carl!

  6. Gail Shister

    Mazel tov, my old friend. CNN is lucky to have you.

  7. Philippa Chaplin

    Congratulations, Carl! Atlanta is fab and I love

  8. Richard Shay

    I’m SO excited about this. See you in Atlanta !

  9. Francine Shay

    Congratulations Carl and best wishes to you and Lauren.
    Sounds like a fabulous upward move.


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