Happy Diwali, Local Twitter Followers, Free Flu Shots: Tips for Editors

Suggestions for editors who want more engaged readers. Short url’s included to make sharing easier.

Diwali The Hindi festival of lights starts this year on Wednesday, Oct. 26. From The Times of India:

Diwali, an auspicious religious festival celebrated by the Hindus, Sikhs and Jains with great enthusiasm and excitement that symbolizes the triumph of good over evil. Spectacular lights, firecrackers, irresistible traditional sweets and sending gifts to dear ones mark the celebration of Diwali.

The Roanoke Times found Indian students celebrating this week at a local university: Fighting darkness with light http://bit.ly/ny88T4

In 2008, Cleveland.com had this coverage: Greater Clevelanders Welcome Diwali  http://bit.ly/pKnpyl

Does your news organization reflect your community? Ask on Facebook, Twiitter and your own site about local Diwali celebrations and preparations.  Ask readers to send photos.

Your Twitter feed Steve Buttry, my go-to source for tips and strategies, tells in a new blog post how to use Twitter search to find local feeds worth following. Editors who actively follow local Twitter users and engage with those users will quickly build a following. More suggestions from Steve for editors looking to connect with local Twitter followers: wp.me/poqp6-1DI

Free flu shots Local bloggers and others may do what this LATimes writer did and post well organized lists showing where free flu shots are available: http://palewire.com/free-flu-shots/

You can do the same thing, on your own site or blog. Or point to a community resource that has already done the work. Free flu shots are available everywhere from Philly http://cbsloc.al/oZVFqq to West Palm Beach FL http://bit.ly/pEb1sE. Google provides this easy-to-use map of all flu shot providers.

Do your readers know where to go?

Solar for Schools Suggested social-media prompts: Should your school go solar? Would solar-power panels cut costs and provide a learning tool for local schools? Would it be too expensive? How important is it to make school buildings into teaching tools? Are you willing to make an investment now to save future energy costs?

Example 1: SOLAR SAVINGS: Deals net local schools green energy, learning tools |CentreDaily.com http://bit.ly/sX8IgY

Example 2: School district in Berkeley opens solar-energy farm to help save money | The Asbury Park Press | APP.com http://bit.ly/sPS1YY

Breaking news on Facebook You know that feeling when the call comes into the newsroom: “we have a verdict.” In Cincinnati, editors made sure they used social media to let readers know, too: Verdict reached in trial of Marcus Isreal, accused in death of Warren County Deputy Brian Dulle. http://on.fb.me/sm2MQL

Note there was a quick follow-up post with a link to an article about the verdict, but the first word drew several reader comments.

LinkedIn Training When a Sacramento man died in a bike accident, the Bee found telling details on his LinkedIn profile and included them in the article:
Former Senate staffer Robb Deignan dies in Davis-to-Fairfield bike ride | Sacramento Bee http://bit.ly/v74VGP

His LinkedIn profile described his current occupation as “Semi-Retired/Dog Walker” at “Self-Amused Inc.””Semi-retired and hanging out with my dog, Buddy, and cycling junkies,” he wrote in the description field.

Few projects are followed as closely as the development of a new video game system. These trade publications found evidence about a next-generation Xbox console by closely examining LinkedIn profiles:

1. LinkedIn resumes reveal new Xbox console in development http://bit.ly/sN1o8L

2. Four MS employees working on “Xbox next-gen,” says LinkedIn CVs |  http://bit.ly/t5XGqn

Did you know that LinkedIn trains journalists how to get scoops via LinkedIn? (Click fo more examples of how LinkedIn can help reporters.) The next session for journos is on 11/3  http://linkd.in/pMW0qX The free half-hour sessions are through a call-in number and the demo can be followed on a computer by anyone with an internet connection.


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