Reader Feedback, Rosh Hashanah, School Supplies and Social Media Prompts

How to help readers provide feedback, how to help your newsroom honor its own, and a few seasonal tips (short url's included to aid sharing):

Reader feedback Here's a step worth copying. The Washington Post editors have posted an image of A1 with an invitation: Critique the Post’s front page: Sept. 20 – Ask The Post – The Washington Post
This is part of a larger newsroom effort to be more open with the audience, to encourage questions and to provide answers.

Happy New Year Become the platform in your area for families to share holiday recipes. Rosh Hashanah starts at sundown, Sept. 28. The PBS website invites audience questions for an expert. You have an expert in your area. You can also use an openended prompt: what is your favorite Rosh Hashanah dish and recipe? Example: Ask Joan Nathan Your Cooking Questions for Rosh Hashanah! | PBS Food

School Supplies School prompt of the day: Do classrooms have adequate school supplies? In Pennsylvania, one reporter found supplies wanting: Harrisburg teachers lack basics like pencils and paper in classrooms |

How to help teachers: AdoptAClassroom and DonorsChoose are national programs to help individual classrooms. OfficeMax has a promotion that will result in $1 million in school supplies divided among 1,000 AdoptAClassroom teachers on Oct. 4:

Click on state and city on the DonorsChoose search page to find specific requests from teachers in your area. Ask those teachers how they use DonorsChoose, why the district does not meet all their needs, what they would recommend to other teachers in the area who are short on resources.

Photo day Possible questions for your social media sites: What is the most important step to help your child prepare for Picture Day at school? Are the photos a good value, inexpensive or priced too high? Share your own Picture Day memories.Collect any responses for a post. Example (reported without social media): Say cheese: Picture day at school important for some, others say it's just another day |

Newsroom honors Bob Rivard stepped down this week after more than a decade as editor of the San Antonio Express-News. I've long looked up to Bob for his insistence on quality, for courage in pushing for justice after one of his reporters was murdered in Mexico (a story he tells in Trail Of Feathers: Searching For Philip True), and for engaging with readers. Bob also encouraged a newsroom culture of openness and respect. One example: an internal award, named in honor of the murdered reporter, selected by newsroom peers (not managers). E-N honors its own – San Antonio Express-News
Bob, @editorrivard on Twiter, is a class act and great editor. Here's his last E-N column, holding local pols to account

Deploying Staff in a disaster The #ASNEchat this week featured Sherry Chisenhall of Wichita on newsroom organization for the digital age and Beryl Love of Reno on disaster coverage. My post: Covering a Disaster: Lessons From Reno, Part 2

Avoid Scams Help readers avoid scams: Pass along this warning from a great consumer writer, Mitch Lipka (one of many former newspaper reporters pursuing an expertise on an independent blog): Alert: Secret Shopper Scam is Back | The Consumer Chronicle



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