Your Town’s Daybook: Process as Product

Looking Ahead Weekends or Monday morning are a great time to post a municipal week ahead. What is on the mayor's schedule? What are the most important public meetings? What's are some top agenda items? A newsroom that is on top of this information every week is a newsroom adept at planning. A newsroom that distributes this information every week to readers is a newsroom that understands our process is our product.

At the national level, the White House reporter for, Mike Allen, does this every Saturday (President's week ahead, 12th item down:  POLITICO Playbook)
Lynn Sweet, Washington reporter for the Chicago Sun-Times, publishes the information every day: President Obama official schedule and guidance, Sept. 7, 2011.
A reporter in Greenwich CT, Anna Helhoski, helps her readers plan their week, with a look every Monday at the week ahead: Check Out Greenwich's Town Meetings | The Daily Greenwich
Adding a line or two about the agendas or personalities behind the meetings will add even more value.

Back to School Are some families in your area willing to lie to get children into a better school district?  Out-of-district students have been in the news in Ohio and New Jersey:
*Akron mom's felony convictions for school residency lies reduced to misdemeanors |

*Montclair district purges out-of-town students –


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