Facebook Tips for Newsrooms

Do you mange a Facebook page for your newsroom? FB explains in this video how to post updates from a mobile deviceUpdating Your Facebook Pages via Facebook Mobile.

Facebook is a conversation platform, not just a distribution platform. Many news sites post links. The sites that ask questions, use FB for reporting, and respond to comments are building community even faster.

What prompts or content attract reader engagement on Facebook? What topics do well? Local geography consistently attracts readers. 

Did you know …? or Where is this … ? features in print, on a site and on Facebook will stir discussion.
Example: From the CantonRep.com page on Facebook, a short post about a slice of history that sits on a main street in a nearby town, the house where Edison courted the woman who became his second wife (he taught her Morse code so they could communicate in secret): five likes, one comment.
Example: Where is this clock? (TheDailyPelham).

We want to meet you

Announce regular office hours in a neighborhood coffee shop:
Use a Facebook poll to ask readers if they will come to a local fair (and visit your booth)

Spot traffic news

Facebook comment update: Users on pages that use Facebook markup language for a FB module will be able to comment more easily:  http://on.fb.me/qJngWj

From Vadim Lavruski of FB: "The dialogue box that enables a user to add a comment to their Like on a site is now sticky. Before it only appeared if you hovered over the button. This means it will be easier for users to add an additional comment to their Like."

Who to follow?

More tips available from Columbia J-school's Sree Sreenivasan's page, including this list of 10 signs you are becoming a Facebook addict.



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