How do people find jobs? How do people find news?

The conservative change-averse culture of many news companies costs dollars and readers. How do people get their news? As readers have shifted to online sources, newsrooms have slowly followed. But exactly what matters to readers and what gets them to read? Simple declarative hedlines make all the difference. How many print-oriented newsrooms make sure that all the lyrical heds that work in print are rewritten for the web? Not enough.

Job listings are no different. Alan Mutter’s Newsosaur blog sums up the damage — half of more than $6 billion in recruitment ads have left newspapers and gone to companies that get the web. Why? Here’s Alan on what’s wrong with newspaper culture:

The simple answer is that newspapers – blinded by their utter dominance
of the recruitment advertising market for as long as anyone can
remember – were oblivious to the major shift that took place in the
last decade in how employers recruit workers and how individuals look
for jobs.

Thanks to the power of the Internet to precisely match
employers and job seekers through a vast array of targeted websites,
there no longer is a need for job seekers to squint at the teeny type
in the newspaper to find a job. With newspapers carrying far fewer
listings than ever, there’s not much to squint at, either.

In his whitepaper, Alan writes about some of the upstarts that demonstrate more agility and may offer newspaper companies some hints about how to be innovative in the Internet age. One shoutout is to Yep, a couple of young people — who have heard me talk maybe too often about the conservative culture of the news business — moved quickly and started an online job listing service.  Nice of Alan to notice.


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