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Helping a prediction come true

I made a prediction in the Washington And The World part of the sneak peek look at 2008:

A Bold Prediction

In July, as China completes preparations for the opening of the Beijing
Olympics on propitious 08/08/08, the government releases imprisoned
journalist Shi Tao, a government critic now serving a 10-year sentence
after being found guilty of revealing state secrets. Advocacy groups
and some US politicians have taken up his cause, especially since Yahoo!
(nasdaq: YHOOnews people) apologized for its role in revealing Shi’s identity to the Chinese authorities.

The more people talk about Shi Tao, the more their political representatives pressure the Chinese, the more likely it is that something good will happen.


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Your photos — On

How does the BBC cover the ice storm in the Midwest? With reader photos, uploaded to The BBC makes it easy and includes some posted photo guidelines, including this:

Each picture will need a caption.

Who, what, why, where and when is a good place to start when gathering
information for the caption, but where possible quotes from those pictured and a
description of how you are feeling will help bring the essay to life.

We don’t need many words – no more than 40 per picture.

They use reader-submitted videos, too.

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