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Pockets of hope

The people at the Citizen Media conference kicking off the ONA meeting in Toronto are from independent web sites and from start ups but also from big media companies. Jennifer Carroll at Gannett gets it. Rob Curley with gets it. Steve Yelvington with Morris Communications gets it. Experiment, get a conversation going with the community, balance hot news with evergreen content, balance work by pros with work by amateurs, make the tech side highly functional. Test, teach, try something, evaluate, make it better. Hire tinkerers. Use Flickr. Aggregate. Make connections.


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During my last week at The Philadelphia Inquirer I was able to join a discussion about Africa, trade, debt and AIDS with Bono, who was in town to collect a medal at the National Constitution Center. Bono and the other principals at Elevation Partners are investors in Forbes, where I started work on Monday as managing editor at Here’s the announcement, from editor Paul Maidment. It’s a great team and I’m proud to be a part of it.

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