Networking, BlogPhilly and the unconference

     The Blog Philadelphia unconference brought together techies, writers, bloggers and other digitally minded people for two days at the Radisson on 17th. The folks behind uwishunu and sponsored the meeting. Who was there? Ziddio was shooting video over in one corner. Steve Lubetkin blogged about our conversation and will have it out on a podcast soon. I learned about IndependentsHall, a group dedicated to bringing together freelancers and other independent workers for various group projects. (T-shirt slogan: "Working alone sucks.") There were people from startup companies, including myfirstpaycheck. A former Drexel student talked about a new mobile platform for linking local businesses and customers: PhindMe. His point, as I understand it: As startups from Google to Mahaolo strive for global scale, all the local knowledge and information people want becomes very hard to find. (The exact spirit behind uwishunu.)  We heard about the benefits of the Philadelphia Area Computer Society meetings (next one: Sept. 15). One clear point — there are many stimulating projects based in Philadelphia, led by innovative people. There are few opportunities for them to come together to swap ideas and seek inspiration. That same quest gave birth to the Norgs unconference. It helps explain the pent-up demand for a LinkedIn Philly meeting (it’s on Thursday evening, at The Inquirer, 400 N. Broad.) Next up is PodCamp Philadelphia, Sept. 7-9, at Drexel. Now there is a site devoted to bringing together people of LikeMind every month (July 20, Friday evening, for the next Philly get together). They had a representative at BlogPhiladelphia, too.

Sample BlogPhilly (BlogPhiladelphia) unconference coverage: Flickr, uwishunu, John Suder, Jonathan Clark, and Alex Hillman. And plenty of session notes on this Wiki.

update Alex adds: "there’s actually a much larger photo set. Enjoy! -Alex"


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  1. There’s actually a much larger photo set at:

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