Two “Reliable Sources”

Howie Kurtz had Jeff Jarvis and Ana Marie Cox on the CNN show to discuss Facebook. Some highlights:

All three are on Facebook (the links above will work for registered Facebook users), proof by itself that some of the smarter people in the media are at least experimenting with new ways to reach audiences.

Jarvis said Facebook offers "real identity" in a way that much of the web does not. "We’re thirsting for that reality," he added. Kurtz quoted a critic saying that the "cult of celebrity has trickled down to the masses." It wasn’t a criticism that seemed to gain traction with this group. The three discussed "the parameters of privacy" and how different age groups seems to have different expectations. Cox discussed this by noting the different way experienced Time magazine staffers and a Time intern use Facebook. (That was one reason I did a five-minute presentation to Inquirer interns last week, asking them for Facebook ideas.)

Bottom line: Jeff Jarvis said that The Guardian has increased its audience 10 percent by using Facebook. Do we need more evidence?

OK, then there are these statistics, gathered by a Washington Post blogger:

Facebook had been attracting about 14 million unique visitors every month. Now, the site is seeing about 26.6 million unique monthly visitors. And the visitors are spending more time on the site, averaging about 186 minutes per month, compared to 138 last year. Finally, the number of registered users ages 25-34 saw a 181 percent jump year-over-year.


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  1. Chris Krewson

    Transcript of the show (do a control+F on “cox”):

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