Facebook Apps, Part 2

Ideas from Chris Krewson are sparkling like fireworks today. The first post on Facebook apps is drawing some attention and new ideas, a fine example of the power of online conversation. Here’s his post from a Facebook group:

wrote on Jul 2, 2007 at 6:32 PM
I think another way to hook into FB would be building apps that help fill out users’ profiles — for instance, my paper could build one for the colleges we cover regularly that features the university’s banner and the latest headline. Frankly I’d looove to see this drilled down to the HS Sports level, galleries of gameday pix we could allow users to drop on both their myspace and FBs. Countdown clocks for big games, etc.
And here is a comment Chris posted on 07newsroom (re-posted here for more visibility):

Here are some more links for those interested in further reading.

The best is from TechCrunch, where the ex-COO of PayPal talks about the upcoming primacy of social networks in the spread of content. (He says the spread of power in terms of content referrals online went thusly: step 1, the portal; step 2, search; step 3, social networks and recommendations from others like you, personalized by people who like the same things you do.)

The second is a fascinating paper from Danah Boyd about American class divisions as viewed through the prism of social networks, ie most preppy, college-bound American kids choose Facebook; myspace is for rebels and/or kids who plan on leaving high school for the Army or a career right out of school, etc. I’m not judging, I’m just summing up.

Finally, Rex Sorgatz over at Fimoculous.com points to a Web page that aggregates the most popular Facebook apps on any given day… so you can quickly see what’s resonating with an audience.

This also went out to the Norgs email list. Click for more info on Norgs and the unconference that continues to inspire creative thinking.


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