Listings — Using lectures in the UK as an example

There is a site set up for users (and organizers) to list every public lecture in the United Kingdom. The Lecture List. As DonkeyOnTheEdge describes it: "Anyone can post their events to the site regardless of size or funding. The
service is free and entirely self-service. It’s a completely open system but the
content is moderated."
Here’s how the Lecture List describes itself:

It’s very simple, costs nothing, and once your free account is set up you’ll
have total control over publishing your talks.

The site is searchable by date, speaker, region, organising institution and
topic. Users can also sign up to receive regular email messages about events in
particular parts of the country, on particular topics or by particular speakers.

For example, this shows there is a lecture Friday on American politics at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, notes the length (two hours) and that it is free. There is a link to a map that shows where the institute is in London. Can this be duplicated in any city? Is the limited cost matched by enough revenue from Google Ad Sense?


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  1. Dug

    Hi there, unfortunately not, the Lecture List is, in its current state, a loss-making venture.
    The site is suported by two volunteers, Billy Clark and Dug Falby with ad hoc help from a small team of supporters.
    We do it because we think the sevice is a valuable asset to our common cultural life.
    We have some plans in the pipeline to use the site’s socialsoftware side to generate revenue so that we could stop paying for it out of our own pockets and maybe even have enough money to do some expanding and promoting.
    Please do send volunteers and philanthropists our way:
    All the best,

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