“The Paper,” in perspective

Polite, positive reception from an inquisitive crowd at the screening of "The Paper." Aaron Matthews took some questions, and I asked about online initiatives. A faculty adviser said that The Collegian is doing a lot more this year. I did find this, from the Collegian Online interview with Aaron:

"The film might come down to three or four stories that illustrate in broader strokes what our media is dealing with, what our media is about today, and what our young journalism students are learning and going through," Matthews said.

"You get a lot of these ‘aha’ moments where students are having to deal with objectivity, with access, with issues of negotiating. It’s been really interesting seeing young people struggling with these questions… I think you learn more about the journalistic process and about our media system by looking at in this way, looking at the roots of our system."

I think Aaron achieved his goal. Are today’s student journalists mastering the tools they will need to help the profession meet new challenges? I haven’t seen anyone make that movie, yet.


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