Meetings are content, text version

The editors of the Spokesman-Review in Spokane post a blog about the news meetings, with a tone of candid informality. Here’s a sample:

"We scrambled on an A1 centerpiece yesterday and ended up moving Mike Prager’s daylight saving time story
forward a day; it was originally scheduled to run Saturday. Now we’re
scrambling for Saturday. Such is the news biz. But Prager had a
delightful turn of phrase in his story, calling the hoo-haw over
potential electronic meltdowns from daylight-saving time "Y2Kaylight."

Once again our Sports department pulled off something of a miracle, getting a nice package on the Cougs beating the Huskies on their cover, despite the late ending of that game.

Becky Kramer turned a routine earnings story on Coldwater Creek into a forward-looking piece. But it didn’t answer the burning question: why doesn’t Coldwater Creek have a store in Spokane?"


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