From America East, Nora Paul

Good examples courtesy of Nora Paul, from the Institute for New Media Studies in Minnesota. If the old model is a journalist explaining something, digital allows newsrooms — commands newsrooms — to help readers experience a story. One example Nora noted is this MSNBC report on baggage security at airports. It’s a two-minute interactive visual test of your abilities. Suddenly, you are the baggage screener. As I looked for it today, I couldn’t call it up on a search at but a Google search called up the Digg posting on it. As cool as it is, it should be linked from more MSNBC security and travel coverage, including from this great page of travel links and tips.
Other ideas — and maybe someone is doing them: how a new electronic voting booth works.
Another example, also from Nora, The Seattle Times "balance the budget" game. They call it Ax and Tax. Some very cool extras with that, as you try, for example, to cut teacher salaries. The institute has collected plenty of other examples. These two and seven others of the same genre are posted here.


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