The need for programmers

Mark Glaser writes for PBS about steps newsrooms are taking to hire programmers, not just traditional journalists. In the Glaser piece, he includes a list of tasks one programer checked off at The News-Tribune in Tacoma, WA.

"In his time as an intern last summer and as a full-time hire since January,
Ritchey has accomplished the following tasks for the

> Built an interactive
of all the
free Wi-Fi spots in the South Sound area near Tacoma, which users can update
with spots the newspaper missed.

> Created a survey generator so that reporters or bloggers can poll
readers, something the restaurant blogger has utilized.

> Created a searchable database and interactive map for a Northwest Hiking
that lets
people search for hikes according to difficulty, elevation gain, destination and
round-trip distance.

> Built online databases so people can input and search vital statistics
in the community such as births, deaths, marriages and news

> Created a “Wire Cleaner” application so the print newspaper staff can
input sports box scores from wire copy without having to spend hours
reformatting it."


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