Video examples

Three papers, The Miami Herald and The Wilmington News Tribune, produce daily TV-style video news reports. The daily feature from Miami uses high production values and a zippier, more youthful presentation with two anchors and five news updates. Notice the story frame has banner ads. Wilmington has an AM and PM newscast, with video ads and banner ads in the story frame. The Wilmington report more closely resembles a local TV news report. The Roanoke Times calls its report TimesCast, and it launches every weekday at 3:30 PM. A sponsor report starts each cast.

In Florida, The Naples News presents a menu of video selections. Viewing one sample (prep basketball report) opens a new window with a well-produced report on a single story. No obvious ad support. The Sarasota Herald-Tribune, with its TV partner News 6, has a similar menu of video stories, each introduced with a short sponsor reference. Roanoke, in addition to the TimesCast, has video reports, with a simpler story presentation, also with ads in the story frame.

It’s harder to pull together something about the resources or training each of these newsrooms devoted to make this happen.


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