Video caution

Will Sullivan’s video warning is worth repeating: What’s up with all these new video initiatives that can’t stream. Standard ‘broadband’ across the nation is capped at 256k.  256k!
256k ON A GOOD DAY WITH NO NETWORK HICCUPS. Until we can break from the
telecom monopoly, rates drop dramatically or the telecoms decide to
offer more bandwidth for free (HA!) we’re stuck at 256K.
fortunate to be on a 4 mb pipe at home, but at work I have trouble
streaming many of these new projects. At the library, don’t even try!
Dial up at Mom’s house? I’ll eat glass before I try that. There’s a
great technology chasm. Let’s work for some standards. Yes, ‘broadband’
is growing. But it’s DSL speed broadband right now.
Common (non geek) users like my mom are not going to wait for
something that keeps studdering and won’t play straight… Buffer once,
then it better flow. She’s going to leave something for that before she
leaves because the video may not be the crispest HD, ever in the
history of the planet earth. If you can’t figure out your codecs or
offer multiple versions, please put it on YouTube, Google, Revver,
Brightcove or any of the dozen decent other video streaming services
and stop wasting users time and bandwidth.


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