Develop and use expertise

Robert Niles has posted a list of common web publishing errors, nothing technical, but good advice for newsrooms and others planning web initiatives.
Over the past year, I’ve spoken with at least a dozen newspaper-dot-com
executives who’ve expressed frustration that their organizations are now playing
"catch-up" to amateur niche media due to their company’s obsession with
maximizing profits, in part by not funding new projects without immediate
revenue attached. That policy’s left too many newspapers with seemingly "safe"
but overly broad, voiceless websites that fail to engage the reading public,
just like their print parents.
Pick a topic, whether it be a business, hobby, field or neighborhood, that you
know well and can write about with authority. One of the conceits of the news
industry is that reporters do not need to have specialized training or knowledge
of the topics they cover – they just ask questions and let their sources provide
the information.
Read the whole article.


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