Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban on newspapers: If Google or Yahoo are immediate gratification for everything and anything
globally, Newspapers can be the library for everything and anything locally. The
attraction of Youtube isnt the quality of its content, its the breadth. You can
find anything and everything. Your website can be the same. Its what we did at . We drowned them with volume and alternatives. We didnt care if
it was audio or video of a cat screeching, 2 people playing bridge or a cousin
telling jokes. We figured if there was enough choice, people would come back out
of curiousity to find out what was there. Only your newspaper can do the same
thing locally.

The interview you did with the high school basketball
player who went on to the nba, you are idiots if its not posted. The interview
with the cheerleader who went on to do Debbie Does Dallas 19, you are an idiot
if you dont have it up. Every interview from every high school football game,
lacross game, talent contest or 3rd grade recital shoujld be on the net. Who
else has the amazing library of great stuff that you have accumulated over the
years ? Your editors’ mundane is the high school kid discovering audio or video
about their parents and spending all day looking for more and telling all
his/her friends and family about the amazing and crazy stuff they found. Every
thing that isnt digital needs to get digital and every new piece of information
/story/feature/report/editorial needs to be digital an added to the website as
its found.

Then you take a page from Youtube and create a "related" or
recommended listing of stories in the paper that day or upcoming that would
refer people to the paper.


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